Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 11, 2014

Email: Hyrule Warriors

I’d like to ask for some help over here, because I’m thinking I might not understand something:

People is losing their heads over this:
I know it’s gonna be a fun game, if you like Dinasty Warriors, N3: 99 Nights and such. I get it. But do people who call themselves fans of the Zelda franchise have any remotely idea what it is?
-“So original from Nintendo”
Nope. Not original, it’s a reskin of another game. Not even Nintendo is in charge of this.
-“So awesome, so many characters”
Again, Have you playerd Dinasty Warriors? Of course they need a lot of characters. Variety is a must for this kind of game.
-“How refreshing of Nintendo to do that”
Refreshing? Reeks of desperation. When Sonic and other “mascots” appeared in spin offs, it’s a cheap move for cash. When Nintendo does that, then it’s refreshing.
What. The. Hell?!?
Please, explain to me, people are this dense? Is this gonna get perfect scores all over the place just because it has the name “Zelda” attached to it? I’m all up for seeing Nintendo mascots in spin offs and everything, but I dare to ask to those “fans”:
Do you understand you’re praising nothing more than a quick cash in? You want Nintendo so bad you agree with this?


Aonuma Zelda has become stale and people are looking for ANYTHING to spice Zelda up… even a re-skinned Dynasty Warriors.




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