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Email: Input lag database & terrible NES graphics

This website is your friend:

The only issue is, the input lag is measured over HDMI, and some TVs exhibit considerably worse input lag for composite video sources.  However some TV’s (like my 39L1350U) remove this extra composite input lag if you activate “Game” mode.(interestingly enough, my TV uses the older 90s CRT gamma ramp for the composite input; it also actually displays true 240p video sources clearer and considerably less blurry than if the very same content were pixel-doubled to 480p over VGA)

Secondly, about NES graphics being terrible on big displays, there are actually CRT-style filters and upscalers that attempt to re-create what such an image looked like on a CRT, or at least the good aspects,  Currently however these only exist for PC emulators or as expensive external hardware (~$500).

Hardware scalar info:

Emulator CRT filter info:


Thanks for sending this! I’ll put it to use.

I just finished Mega Man 3 last night on original NES hardware. It was a blast. I’m really digging the original hardware approach especially to NES games. NES games are so control sensitive. Most of the games are action packed and you need split second timings with the controller. It might explain why I felt NES games on emulator were unplayable (aside from the Dragon Quest games).

New School gamers keep complaining about the NES era, but it is just plain fun. There is no Game Industry, in the modern sense, yet so all the sports games are actually fun to play. There are no big budget games. There are types of games that you will NEVER see. Here is an example. There is a NES game called Xexyz. Who would ever publish a game with that name? How do you even PRONOUNCE it???

WTF?? Hahahahah. This game… oh this game… A little bit of Mega Man… a little bit of Zelda 2… a little bit of Gradius…

How the hell do you market such a game?

So THAT is how you pronounce “Xexyz”. NES is full of games like this. Soon, the New School are going to get tired over having orgasms over Super Metroid and Chrono Trigger and they are going to discover these insane gems.



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