Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 14, 2014

Email: 10 million units?

Are this numbers reliable?

Numbers from financial statements and sales data (such as NPD) are reliable. If that is what the article is using, then it is.

But console sales may not matter anymore. What matters is profitability and software sales. The entire point of a console market is to sell software. I haven’t seen any breakouts in the software yet. I don’t own a Gen 8 console, but from I hear is that PS+ and such gives games away for free and/or heavily discount games like Steam. If that’s true, this could be a big problem.

I don’t see the analysts cheering for Generation 8. While the Game Industry is painting a happy face, I think there is ugliness in this market. Every market is down in this recession. Retail is in the toilet.

As recap, in Gen 7, Xbox 360 hit 10 million first. However, Wii hit 11 million first. :)





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