Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 18, 2014

Email: Snow Brothers and Little Ninja Brothers

Been seeing some appreciation for Bubble Bobble here, so I thought to bring up another good one like it: Snow Bros.

A boss every ten floors, power-ups stay with you until a death, and it has co-op as well. You can roll down with the snowball if you let it hit you by deflecting it with the wall or being in the way of your co-op partner’s rolling one, it’s a lot of fun.

Another game I find good is Little Ninja Brothers. It’s a RPG that has co-op which was unusual, difficulty levels, and it uses a password save so a battery is not needed. You explore the world like a typical RPG and it has random encounters, but battles aren’t turn-based except in a few places (the same with some bosses being one or the other). It uses character portraits in conversation when you enter in shops or speaking to important NPCs and bosses. It has a lot of quirkiness, such as using a skateboard to escape a random encounter battle complete with a cutscene. It takes some time to really know it, but I think it’s worth it.


I see what you did. You recommend me two very rare NES games.

Little Ninja Brothers = $50+

Snow Brothers = $150+

Seeing the gameplay for Snow Brothers, I don’t see it worth $150.

However, I might pick up Mega Man 1, 5, and 6 before they get too expensive.



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