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Emails on Robin Williams

I decided to put them all in one post to get them done. Don’t send me more of them please. I’ll ignore them.

I just learned that Robin Williams’s daughter, Zelda Rae Williams, was named after princess Zelda. As explained in an ad for Ocarina of Time 3D, when Zelda’s mother was pregnant, she and Robin were playing the original Legend of Zelda on the NES and decided that they really liked the name. That means Robin Williams was about 37 years old at the time. It goes to show you the mass appeal that the original Zelda had. This was so cool I thought you would want to share with your readers.

I thought Robin Williams naming his daughter Zelda was common knowledge. Maybe some people didn’t realize it.

I don’t like how that gives Zelda Williams a free pass into Nintendo public events. What has she achieved in life? Just because a celebrity named her after a video game character?

Here is another email:

Seeing as how some readers took offense to your opinions on the “divorce industry” and Robin Williams’s three marriages, as a girl, I figured I’d offer my two centers on the state of marriage, divorce, etc.
First off, after the first marriage ended, why didn’t Robin consider a pre nup for the 2nd and 3rd.  Seriously I hear so many divorced guys complain about how “she took everything from me.”  Isn’t that why pre nups exist?  Especially if you’re a rich movie star making millions.  Some say “well signing one means you have no faith in the relationship to last.”  Hello people!?  The divorce rate is 50% these days.  It’s called “saving your ass.”  Honestly Hollywood celebs having multiple marriages is pretty much a cliché now which makes you wonder why they don’t stop after the 2nd or 3rd one fails. Remember old Elizabeth Taylor had 8 husbands.  My dad had a friend who was married seven times.  More and more I get the couples who live together for years without getting married and in many cases they end up getting married either because they had kids or for things like insurance reasons and they seem better off than the ones who did it the “old fashioned way.”
Also as a girl, I was always surrounded by girls obsessed with getting married as soon as they were out of school.  Part of me wants to blame crap like Disney Princesses and Twilight for making impressionable girls think that life’s all about finding the perfect guy and living happily ever after and setting them up for disappointment when the real world shows up.  When I was in college, I had girlfriends who, for some reason were afraid of being 30 and single.  Why?  This isn’t the 1800s where if a girl wasn’t married by a certain age, she was considered useless.  But these are the girls that serial date one guy after another and are obsessed with their fairytale wedding and they’re usually the ones who end up in bad relationships. Seriously guys, if you’re with a girl like this, she’s probably one of those overly attached ones who will text you every five minutes and is already picking out China patterns.  It seems like we women think we can “change” our guys, yet it never works.  Then of course it doesn’t work out and both parties are left bitter and angry.
Also people all too often 1) get married for the wrong reasons and 2) don’t work at their marriage.  My mom admitted to me that she only married to my dad because she didn’t think she could do any better and was worried about being old and alone.  Basically she settled when she could’ve gone back to school or moved to a new town or found other ways to live a happy fulfilling life.  Isn’t that what the feminist movement was all about?  I have nothing against the girls who just want to get married and have kids if that’s their choice but it’s good to have other ambitions in life if something doesn’t work out.  Some people get married because they got pregnant and are trying to do what’s best for the kid (seriously how is this still happening with all the birth control options out there?) and while they are trying to do what’s right, these often don’t end well.  But more than anything, people don’t try hard enough to make marriage work.  It’s harder to get out of a cell phone contract or cancel your Comcast service than get a divorce these days.  Divorce is so easy and many couples act like “well if it doesn’t work, we’ll just get a divorce.”  It used to be a lot harder to get divorced. Sure if there’s abuse or any sort of serious danger involved, then you definitely need to get out of there but it seems like more often than not it’s something like “he works too much” or “she’s annoying” or “we have nothing in common.” Then why’d you get married in the first place?
My husband and I have been married for 10 years and are expecting our first baby.  Sometimes we feel like we’re some sort of anomaly because we have a stable relationship.  It’s not like we’ve never had any hardship or never argued but we always seem to work things out and be civilized human beings about it.  Maybe for me, I learned from my mom’s first marriage and didn’t just get married to be married or maybe I learned from some of my girlfriends and instead of chasing bad boys that I felt I could “fix,” I found someone who was what I wanted out of a relationship because.
So my advice to those out there I guess would be:
1) Stop obsessing over finding Prince Charming. Disney and Twilight lie to you.
2) If you can’t find happiness with yourself, getting married won’t change that.
3) Get married for the right reasons.
4) For God sakes just sign the pre nup.
5) Marriage takes work. You get out of it, what you put into it.
Not every guy is a selfish jerkwad who’ll love you and leave you and not every woman is a manipulative bitch who wants to control you.  The problem comes when good people end up with bad people.

Pre-nups are tossed out in court and largely considered worthless.

Your ‘advice’ is just chasing after the wind because men simply aren’t going to get married in this legal environment. I am waiting for women (who have the power here) to change the laws to make marriage actually attractive to men. But they won’t do it. Currently, a man must pay child support to a child that isn’t even his even if a woman lies about it. In the ‘Romance Realm’, men and women have very different experiences in the Western countries. I don’t see how a woman loses in the West. If she is fat, she still has thirsty men after her. If she gets pregnant, she gets welfare and exalted for being a Single Mom. If she stays single, she gets cats and more exalted praises. If she plays traditional, she gets praise for that. There is no shame or bad results for Western women. Western women seem unable to lose. With men, it seems that they cannot win. If they marry and do everything right, they get a fat wife for reward and/or a lifetime of living on eggshells due to the Dagger of Damocles of divorce hanging over their heads. If they get married and divorced, they turn into Robin Willaims and become depress and may try to suicide. If they play hook-up, they spend their lives being clowns for women instead of being themselves. If they stay single, they just suffer from the absence of what Nature wants them to do. And men are always shamed even if they didn’t do anything.

I’m seeing men flee for other countries based solely on this.

You do bring up a good point but may not realize it. All this talk about ‘quality relationships’ is just absolute nonsense. The point is to bring in quality men and quality women. When you have a quality man and a quality woman, you get a quality relationship. You cannot have a crappy man and/or a crappy woman and have a quality relationship. This is verboten to be said.

There is this idea that ‘there is someone for everyone, that every pot has a lid’. It is bullshit. The truth is that there are QUALITY men and QUALITY women. We, men, know what a quality woman is. My male readers do not need to know that. The annoying obese woman is not a quality woman. In the same way, the weak cowardly man is not a quality man. Before people get into relationships, they need to work on their own quality. They need to get their shit together.


Both the hate mail you shared and your subsequent response picked at a particular bone of mine that I felt the need to say something about.

The whole situation with Robin Williams you’ve pointed out has only reaffirmed the decision I made years ago (and this as someone who’s not even 30!) to avoid getting married or romantic relationships. I can’t help but wonder if that person who sent you that hate mail is a super-feminist man or actually a woman. (On which note, I don’t know if you’ve heard about it or not, but apparently there’s a growing trend of women against feminism, which I think is pretty funny.)

I think one of the matters that highlights the absolute mess that marriage has become is the apparent standard-issue status of the “Pre-Nuptual” agreement. In this day and age, it’s apparently something that people would be stupid to go into a marriage without since otherwise they risk going into a divorce without anything to protect their assets.
Except the problem is that by getting a prenup you go into a marriage with the assumption that a divorce is going to happen in spite of both people supposedly saying “tilldeath do we part”. Kind of makes it hard for a relationship of trust to happen if both people go into a relationship with the assumption that it’s going to end on a sour note and that rather than “till death do we part” it instead becomes “till this marriage is no longer convenient.” How do people make a marriage work if they assume it’s not going to?
Or, for that matter, if all they need to do to split is say they have “irreconcilable differences”, which seems to be the default statement surrounding infamous 5-minute Hollywood marriages these days – something I wouldn’t doubt is having a highly negative influence on marriages in general given the way that celebrities and Hollywood can bleed out into the rest of the country and influence people. Anytime I hear that anymore, I can’t help but ask “did they actually ever try to reconcile?” Which itself may have been highlighted by the ridiculous terms surrounding the recent Gwyneth Paltrow divorce when they tried to phrase it in terms of “Conscious Decoupling”.
I may grow up to be a lonely old man the likes of which your hate mailer talks about, but at least I’ll get a chance to grow old rather than risk letting a woman it turns out I could’t trust to love me for life after all bleed me dry when she’s decided she’d grown tired of things and wants to take the easy way out.
And I’ll be doing it enjoying the occasional alcohol as well, because despite what your hate mailer may say, alcohol in and of itself is only as dangerous as people make it.
This emailer sounds like a MGTOW.
Marriage is dead. It’s what it is.
What I think is going to surprise most people is how I say how sexless they are. I mean from above the belt. Most males do not want to be men. Most females do not want to be women. There is so much androgyny. It’s so bad that in some college classes I’ve had (where I am much older), I am pulling 18-20 year old girls. The boys in the class just sit there with no personalities.
Men, work on building up your masculine energy. Women can smell it. For women, you already know that feminine energy attracts the men. You are good at showing it early on. But over time, you switch from feminine energy to masculine energy creating chaos. Men don’t want to stay men if she is acting like a dude.
I do think 99% of the problems are with the men. It is the weak men that is a breeding ground for these bad laws, poor quality women, and problems. The art of being a man needs to be re-taught.


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