Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 18, 2014

The Downfall of Tetris

It’s interesting seeing, outside of supply/ limited run issues, which NES games go up in market value and those that didn’t. The big losers are the NES sports games. They are all $4.99 or less which is about the minimum amount for a NES game.These include even the ‘better’ NES games such as Blades of Steel. The ‘best’ NES sports games get $10 like NES Open Golf or Tecmo Super Bowl. No one wants to play these old sports games which I find very intriguing.

The games that everyone wants to play are the Adventure Series or, rather, the Immersion Games. These aren’t space shooter games. They are games that go places and do things. They are games with unique content. Nintendo, in their infinite wisdom, tell us that games are about gameplay and not about content. Ahh, but time is proving them wrong. The old Dragon Warrior RPGs have terrible gameplay but everyone loves the content, they love the ‘adventure’ the game brings them.

Remember when Super Mario Brothers 1, 2, and 3 were the most adventuresome games on the NES? Now we get crappy NSMB which is just Nintendo employees teaching other Nintendo employees how to do level design. There isn’t much of a game there.

The surprise to me is the downfall of Tetris and its clones. When Tetris came out, we all assumed the game would hold value forever. The game doesn’t rely on graphics and is pure gameplay. Tetris’s success had Tetris 2, Dr. Mario, Yoshi, and Yoshi’s Cookie. Now, there is a huge supply of these games out there due to all the ladies liking them at the time, but no one wants these games. I see stacks of Dr. Marios behind the counter. It’s a great game. Yet, people don’t want it. They aren’t immersive experiences. There is also stacks of Double Dragon Is around yet those go for $25 a cart. It can’t just be the supply.

I’m thinking Nintendo’s take on Tetris with Tetris DS might have been a good way to go as that has given value to the game. Tetris DS has become rare. Good thing I’m going to keep my copy.



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