Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 20, 2014

Email: Chris Kohler of Wired seems to agree with you

Master Malstrom,

I believe there was a time where you said nobody was interested in Nintendo IP’s anymore. Well, I think this WIRED article by Chris Kohler, which although a response to Dan Adelman’s point that the Wii U isn’t selling because of the name, seems to agree with you on some front.


I think Kohler is one of the few thinking journalists regarding Nintendo. When you say ‘agree with you’, you make it seem like he read this site and got that conclusion. No. I think he got to his conclusion based on his thoughts. I do think that blaming the marketing (which is what the name is: the brand) is silly. Miyamoto still blames the marketing for the failure of the Virtual Boy! Really!

The IPs that made the DS and Wii sell were not the traditional Nintendo ones. It wasn’t Zelda or Mario that sold consoles, but Nintendogs, Wii Sports, Wii Fit, and New Super Mario Brothers (might as well be a new brand). I think Mario Kart is the only Nintendo IP that people get excited about selling the hardware.

Nintendo needs new IPs.

I believe there is a huge disconnect between Nintendo employees / Nintendo fans (they are often the same) and the rest of the world. In Nintendo Land, these people think games like Pikmin or 3d Mario or even Aonuma Zelda are very good games that people love. In their bubble world, this appears to be the case. Go outside that bubble, and you find that no one cares about Mario and Zelda anymore. The last time people care about Mario was when he returned to 2d form, and people lost interest there because there is no new content, only gameplay mechanics and level designs stacked on top of each other. No new mythos is being made which is why people adored the original Mario games.

Nintendo thinks new hardware makes all the old IPs reset with freshness. It doesn’t. Even when Super Mario World came out, Mario began to get old while Sonic was the new hotness.



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