Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 20, 2014

Email: Storing NES titles

Afternoon, Master Malstrom. You asked “Question to those with big NES libraries: how do you store your games?”

I don’t have a gigantic NES library by most standards, but I have more than a few. Some of the games were gambles where I picked up a handful of games that I’d never tried when I was a kid. Others are games I picked up a few years ago before prices started to rise. Probably 60 so games, 10 of which are cartridges I’ve kept since childhood. I have a wicker tray that is twice the width of an NES cartridge, plus an inch or two (I cram loose Genesis cartridges into there). It fits two rows, ~15 games each. You can get these wicker baskets at most larger outlets (Wal-Mart, Target, etc) in the Home Decor section for about $20 a piece or so. I have two, but the other is used for card games.

The basket sits below the tv on the enterainment stand. The other games sit in a bin. A few times a year I check the bin to see if I want to swap something out. Then I replace a game in the basket that either sucks or I just haven’t played in a long while.


This looks good too.

I think I might go for the DKoldies containers for the original NES designed olders. I gotta have my nostalgia!

BTW, I am getting many emails on the Quinn story. Tomorrow. Too tired now. I’m still pissed off at Mega Man 4.



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