Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 21, 2014

Email: NES/Famicom Battle City and Zippy Race

Hello Master Malstrom,

since you seem to be collecting some old NES games I would like to recommend two of my favorites.
Since I grew up with a Famiclone instead of an actual NES I got to play some games never released in the west.

Two of them are:

Battle City by Namco which is a lot of fun in a two player match:

And Zippy Race by Irem

Both are available as Famicom Carts only but they are in English and cost only $5-10 so they are very affordable.

Keep up the good work.


One of the great things about collecting cartridges are the third party hardware (Retro machines). I’ve been looking into some of these. While they don’t do the experience exactly, it might be good enough for leisure play. What’s cool is there are SNES/NES console combos which is how the SNES was originally going to be: a combo NES/SNES player (yes, it’s true!). There is one third party console that also allows playing Famicom games.

Above: Oh yeah. That looks the part!

I might get one of the Famicom players one day so I can get a copy of Gunnac without paying hundreds of dollars.

Battle Tanks looks like Next Gen Atari’s Combat. Very cool.

Zippy Race looks like a Japanified version of Spy Hunter.

Reading up on the Famicom, it appears Battle Tanks was a very popular game due to the 2 player mode and the editor mode.



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