Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 21, 2014

Email: Zoe Quinn

I just want to say, I don’t like that video. It’s been proven that the maker of the video has an agenda and because of it he’s distorted the facts. The facts still aren’t pretty for Zoe though.

Basically, ex-boyfriend posted a character assassination:
He was lied to and cheated on, so he went nuclear and wrote a paper about her wrongdoings. This source is biased as well with his own obvious agenda, but all he said was that she slept with a few guys in and out of their relationship. He didn’t name all five guys put in that video, only a subset.
One of the definitely named guys did write an article that included her game, but it was an article including it with 49 other Steam Greenlight games. No special coverage. And the article was posted before the writer had any intimate contact with Zoe. No nepotism there.
So yes, she did sleep with some number of men in the gaming industry. She did not sleep with all five guys named in that video (or at least it feels very unlikely). There is no clear evidence of nepotism currently. People have been jumping to conclusions, and because there’s no actual evidence but a bunch of accusations, a number of sites have heavily moderated and at times overreacted to the shitstorm going on.
There’s also a tangent issue where Zoe, or someone who used her name, made a DMCA takedown on videos about her game. It’s still doubtful (though she hasn’t put out a denial) that she did it herself, because she should be well aware of what happened with other indie devs who tried the same and should have only considered it if she was having a temporary breakdown.
That’s all I wanted to say. It’ll be a sad day when you finish your training and possibly shut down the blog.
The video gets passed around because it is the clearest detailing of what is going on. If it is untrue, then we need better videos or better explanations.
I think this entire episode would have flown under the radar had not sites deleted threads and not allowing discussion on it. That, in itself, poured gasoline on it. People don’t like being told what they can or cannot discuss. The more people are told they cannot do something, the more they will do it.
There doesn’t appear to be much discussion about the game, Depression Quest, anyway. Is it any good? Doesn’t seem like it.





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