Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 21, 2014

Zoe Quinn

I’m surprised anyone is surprised by the Zoe Quinn tale. This stuff has been going on all the time. This is why the Game Industry is so defensive. In their eyes, this is no big deal because it happens all the time. To us, it is a big deal because most of us didn’t realize it happened all the time.

Zoe Quinn has hurt all female game developers now. Anytime a female developed game gets reviewed well, it is now legitimate to ask, “Did the male reviewer sleep with her?”

I don’t talk about what everyone talks about on this site (because what would be the purpose of reading this site if it said what everyone else said?). So I have to say something different.

This woman is not attractive. She is very androgynous. Yes, she is female, but does she even qualify as a woman?

“Now, Malstrom, what are you saying?”

Not all males qualify as men (the five guys pointed out certainly don’t resemble men). A male is not a man by default. A male has to be in order to be considered a man. It’s the same for females and women.

“What’s the point?”

The point is that the Game Industry, at least this portion of it, is attracting low class degenerates. This is actually very bad as it drives the better people out. When you look at game developers through history, they may be geeky and eccentric, but they look normal. They don’t look like freaks.

Look at Zoe Quinn’s image again. Would you go into business with this woman? If she walked into a bank, would she get a loan?

You know what she and her… guys remind me of? They remind me of hipsters.

In entertainment, you want to be in contact with ‘the normal’ because that is who you are selling to and you must relate to the mainstream. We want our game journalists to share our tastes otherwise they have no value to us. The Zoe Quinn episode is a freak parade that is revealing that these people are nothing like you.

Where does that leave you? Ignore them. Their opinions are invalid because they are not members of the mainstream (invalid because only the reader defines the value which is YOU).

There is another element to this story, and it is a political one. You’re seeing these sick, sick politicos (she was a politico) infesting gaming and trying to create narratives. There is nothing cultural or social about it. It is all political.

I’m glad to see the backlash to the Game Industry trying to ignore the Zoe Quinn episode because GAMERS DO NOT WANT POLITICS IN GAMING. Gaming is to be an escape (for most of us) from the real world. We don’t need narratives. We need normal gamers leading as it used to be.

Zoe Quinn is also a public figure as are these five guys. Yes, their degeneracy is news. Why is it that the people telling us the Zoe Quinn episode is not news are the same people who keep giving us top ten lists and other bullshit?


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