Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 25, 2014

Most fun games to play on the NES

Hey guys, I’d like your input on something. What do you think are the MOST FUN games to play on the NES? I do not mean ‘most famous’ or ‘most nostalgic’. I mean, right now, what do you think are the games that are most fun to play. For example, I would put up games like Qix or Arkanoid which NO ONE ever puts up. Yet, they’re a blast to play and never truly get old.

Give me a list of 30 games divided into three 10s: First Tier, Second Tier, Third Tier. This is YOUR list. A game you love playing a ton, say, Legend of Zelda, might get up to your first tier. But another game that is also fun, such as Dr. Mario, goes to your third tier list because you don’t play it as much. I’m curious to see what people come up with and how/if they align.



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