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A couple of lists already of NES Games

The list of NES games is to be the ones you enjoy playing today (not the ‘best’ or ‘most influential’ or ‘most technological’ or whatever). Thirty games in three tiers of ten. Interesting to see what people put.

Tier 1
Mike Tyson’s Punchout
Megaman 2
Tecmo Bowl
Goonies 2
Solomon’s Key
Final Fantasy
Zelda 2: AOL

Tier 2
Super Mario Brothers
Wizards and Warriors
Kid Icarus
Battle of Olympus
Ghosts and Goblins

Tier 3
Magic of Scherezade
Castlevania 2
Ninja Gaiden
Rad Racer
Super Dodge Ball
Super Mario 2


I was not familiar with Magic of Scherezade so I looked it up. Very interesting. See? I learned something new. NES library is full of new things to learn.

Do people really like Solomon’s Key? I bought in on the Wii VC and got frustrated with it. It is definitely a challenging game. Perhaps that is why it has value. I know Fire and Ice is the sequel.

Here’s another list:

First tier:
1.Super Mario Bros 2
2. Super Mario Bros 3
4.Teenage mutant ninja turtles 2
5.G.I JOE a real american hero  (not the atlantis factor mind ya)
6. Alien Syndrome
7. mega man 6 (yeah I know but this was the first truly mega man game I have ever played, that’s why is my favorite)
8.Super Mario Bros. 1
9. Castlevania
10. The legend of zelda
Second tier
11. Zelda 2
12. Sweet home (a famicom game that never came here. I played it on an emulator. loved it)
13.Super spike v-ball
14. Tengen Tetris (loved the music!) 
15. Super C
16. Castlevania 3
17. Dragon Warrior 4
18. Donkey Kong
19. Mega man 2
20. Prince of persia
Third Tier:
21. Mario bros.
22. Adventure Island
23. Mappy
24. Punch Out!
25. Ice climbers
26. kirby’s adventure
27. Excitebike
28. Bubble Bobble/Snow Bros.
29. Double Dragon 2
30. Mighty final fight
I guess that’s all. There are other games that I played but that would be in a 4 tier list like Black manta, the ninja gaidens (honestly, i never liked them. my friends were crazy about them but I always prefered the Shinobis instead), bomberman, the disney games, the other ninja turtles and some puzzle games.
Oh and since I have being reading your blog posts about NES I started to play NES games on my PC and some i have on the Wii and Wii U, but I do want to buy me a NES sometime in the future. Or maybe the RetroN 3. Let’s see what happens!
Mighty Final Fight? I forgot about that one!
Remember guys, this is YOUR list. If you are a huge Mega Man fan and want to put 6 Mega Man games in your Tier 1, then go ahead. They’re all solid games.














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