Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 26, 2014

Email: Best of both real hardware and emulation

An easy way to achieve the benefits of both real hardware and emulation would be to use a flash cart for any older cartridge-based system.  I personally have no real-life experience with console flash carts, but I do own a GBA cart that worked for DS games as well and it is fantastic.  They’re pretty expensive, but personally I think it’s totally worth it, but that may be because having a bunch of games on a single memory card is hugely beneficial for handhelds.

I believe you stated before that you own an NES to GameCube controller adapter from RetroZone?  Well they have an NES flash cart as well:

For SNES games it would seem that sd2snes is the only device that currently supports the majority of the built-in cartridge enhancement chips, and the chips not currently supported can actually be added via a future firmware update because sd2snes uses an programmable FPGA:


Ahh, thanks for the link. Yes, I’ve bought a SNES-to-Gamecube adapter from RetroZone and couldn’t have been more pleased with it. From what limited experience I’ve had with them, they do solid work.

The NES flash cart is very interesting. Once I get through my Tier 1-3 type games (you guys know what I mean), I’ll look into getting a flash cart. Why? Because Metal Storm isn’t worth $70. That is a hugely overrated game. Same with Mega Man 5, and it’s $100 price tag. And don’t forget about Little Samson or Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers 2. Fuck that. I’m interested in PLAYING games, not ‘collecting’ them. Granted, they won’t be on real hardware but oh well.

I’m curious how the Flash Cart would compare to emulator on the computer play-wise. I can’t stand emulator on the computer aside from turn based games like Dragon Warrior and Chrono Trigger. NES games are too arcade-like.

A big worry I have with this Flash Cart is that it won’t work in a NES clone. Why not? Doesn’t make much sense to me.

I’ll look into the Flash Cart once I get my NES clones and top NES games (oohhhhohh something about using original hardware and cart together that makes me FEEL the game, it is how it is supposed to be!).

Screw Nintendo for making us go this direction! Yeah, that’s right Mr. “Dude At Nintendo Assigned to Read This Site”. You guys have no account system and no way to buy and own these old games. Virtual Console is a disappointment. Let us OWN these licenses to these games and not just a download file on the hardware.



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