Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 29, 2014

Email: The utterly hilarity of that Edge cover

Nothing being shown on that gamepad’s screen is funny enough but having that game god text framed right on it makes it purestrain comedy gold. A cover like that would have made sense in 2011 when it was revealed similar to how the only thing we knew about the Wii for a good year was the remote so coverage was centered solely around it but here we are near the close of the Wii U’s second year and we still haven’t been shown a good reason for that giant gamepad to exist.I really want to see it edited into being about the Virtual Boy, if Iwata was running the show back then they they surely would have tried something like this. Actually perhaps some of their mindsets are shaped by not being able to do anything about the VB being scuttled by Yamauchi.

The cover goes in line with how Nintendo is pushing their faces harder than ever, I always remember the hardcore acting like Edge was a legitimate magazine but here they are pushing a trivial to spot PR narrative. How long before they start putting their names and faces on actual box art?

Nintendo Marketing seems to be nothing but Miyamoto Marketing now. Even the games become nothing but Miyamoto Marketing. “Look! It is Mario Kart. How is Miyamoto involved with this game?” Wasn’t Miyamoto supposed to be stepping back from many of his duties?
One thing I’ve noticed about Nintendo Marketing is that when times are good, Iwata is trotted out. When times are bad, Miyamoto is trotted out.


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