Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 29, 2014

The New 3DS



This is the typical Nintendo handheld refresh done every few years to reinvigorate sales. The second analog stick is an interesting addition. I suppose that is for Monster Hunter?

I also suspect this is mostly for Japan. The 3DS sales there have become stagnant. Well, 3DS sales everywhere have become stagnant.

“Is the 3DS worth buying now?” It depends on the games. It always does.

The Xenoblade announcement for 3DS is interesting especially since that game costs so much for the Wii now. Very interesting that Xenoblade can only be played on the new 3DS models. I suppose this is what happens when Nintendo abandons inclusion and targets the hardcore.

Attention to all whiners on the message forums, chat rooms, and various game stores about Xenoblade being exclusive to NEW!!!!!! 3DS…. this is exactly what you get when Nintendo abandons inclusive gaming. THIS IS WHERE NINTENDO IS GOING!

Hope you guys like it! :)

BTW, does it appear that the button sizes for the 3DS have been enlarged? Or am I just imagining it? I don’t have Japanese hands and Nintendo’s handhelds have become very uncomfortable to play. If you compare the action buttons of the NES/SNES controller and Gameboy to the 3DS, you will note how much smaller the 3DS buttons are. WHY? And now there is a super tiny analogue stick. Nintendo hardware design is repelling me more than anything. Remember how arcades used to have GIANT buttons to smash? Now we get teeny tiny buttons that are smaller than a thimble. WTF is with this shit?



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