Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 30, 2014

Email: Double Dragon III — not good

I agree I was not impressed with Double Dragon 3 so it didn’t make it into my list (gimmicky attacks and uneven difficulty)… similar thing happened with turtles 3 compared to turtles 2… although the original DD was good I should have found a way to sneak that in… if you wanted 50 games, you should have allowed us to make up to 5 tiers!

Double Dragon 3 was HARD. Here is the Angry Video Game Nerd on it expressing my reactions when it came out.

Double Dragon 1 was excellent. Double Dragon 2 was soooo good. 3 was a huge disappointment.

However, some people stuck through the game and found it to be very worthy. If this is the case, then let us say Double Dragon 3 is extremely inaccessible.

50 games? I can’t get people to fill up 30 games. They keep saying how they want to do SNES games (and we know what the SNES game lists will look like). Someone decided to break up their list and send me three emails divided by tiers on different days. Others just plop down 30 games without the tiers.



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