Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 30, 2014

Email: I was actually excited for a new 3DS model

I was hoping they’d put out one with better specs just to power a higher resolution screen because something like Smash Bros. needs characters not to turn into vague dots when the camera zooms out, they’ve been careful to hide how this affects the game but you can see a glimpse of it here

As you can see everything turns into a mess when the camera zooms back, a higher res screen would fix this, they had plenty of reason to do this seeing as how the new 3DS has exclusive games but in Nintendo’s current wisdom they’d rather push out more particle effects and Wii ports. Chances that they’ll continue to avoid having GBA and SNES for 3DS VC?

I wouldn’t be surprised if they eliminate the VC entirely. It’s like they are in a gradual process of removing it with Gen 8.



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