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Email: My top 30 NES games

Now, unlike some other people, I didn’t start playing NES games until years after it was discontinued since I was way too young.  Hell, I was only a baby when Wario’s Woods, the last official NES game in North America, first came out. Although my older brother did have a NES at one point, my mom gave it away since he didn’t want it anymore. Oh well. At least I did manage to play a lot of NES games thanks to the E-Reader, Mega Man Anniversary Collection, & the vNES website.

Anyways, here’s my top 30 NES games. This was a pretty hard list to make, but here it is:

Tier 1:
Super Mario Bros. 3
Ninja Gaiden
Mega Man
Mega Man 2
Mega Man 3
Super C
Kirby’s Adventure
Double Dragon 2
Tier 2:
Power Blade
Fire ‘n Ice
Mega Man 4
Mega Man 5
Captain America & the Avengers
Tier 3:
Karate Kid
Mega Man 6
Godzilla: Monster of Monsters
Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle.
Someone likes his Mega Man!
It is a hard list to make. With gamers of newer consoles, including 16 bit, 30 seems like a large number. But anyone familiar with the NES library knows that the games don’t drag themselves. Many are arcade-like. You pop them in and out. In a single gaming session, you can easily go through ten NES games. It’s interesting to see just how varied the NES library could be when it came to excellent games.
I have been playing Millipede a ton. Solid, solid game. Damn that programmer who cropped it!
Popeye is an interesting one for your Tier 1. It is a black box game. It came out in 1983 I believe. Due to licensing, you will never see it on Virtual Console.






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