Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 30, 2014

Email: Was reading those links posted

I hadn’t seen that guide to ending gamers one and it easily outranks that Edge Miyamoto article in humor.

I want to print out a copy of this bit in particular so when I’m ever feeling down I can look at it and laugh my ass off:

“We stop upholding “fun” as the universal, ultimate criterion for a game’s relevance. It’s a meaningless ideal at best and a poisonous priority at worst. Fun is a neurological trick. Plenty of categorically unhealthy things are “fun”. Let’s try for something more. Many of the alternatives will have similarly fuzzy definitions, but let’s aspire to qualities like “edifying”, “healing”, “pro-social”, or even “enlightening”. I encourage you to decide upon your own alternatives to “fun” in games (while avoiding terms like “cool” and “awesome” and any other word that simply caters to existing, unexamined biases).”
This is probably a obvious thing to say but just about every game that became a smash hit and reached wide mainstream appeal did it on the basis of being fun above all else. The 8th Generation of Gaming is the era of insanity.
They’re trying to set up gaming for Social Justice Warriors. In other words, politics. Games are about to be reviewed based on their ‘enlightenment’ or ‘social justice messages’. Expect tons of gay celebration in games. Hmm, what else? They might make Zoe Quinn into a video game heroine.


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