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Email: Double Dragon III was awesome Malstrom!

Well at least it was the way I remember it as a kid anyway.

Somehow as a kid Malstrom my buddy and I were able to master most of the games moves in particular the co-operative fancy and flashy flying karate kick that you can do by jumping on to your friend’s character and then spring boarding off into the opponent.

Awesome stuff!

As was being able to do similar via jumping against certain walls and being able to do the same.

Double Dragon III was also where I experienced one of my most hilarious ever videogame glitches.

So anyway as I was walking along in the game searching for the next series of enemies I had a bottle in my hand and once an enemy character appeared who was one of those bald guy baddies I let forth and smacked that sucker on the head for all it was worth and do you know what happened next Malstrom?

His head randomly exploded into a million pixelated pieces hahahahahhahaha!!

As far as I remember this didn’t even crash the game, I just continued on as though that didn’t happen but it was awesome I can assure you.


Wish I had it on tape for youtube posterity but this occured during my childhood and I’m probably your age if not slightly older (early 30’s) so I’m sure you can infer that at that point in my life my income was well “limited” to put it midly heh heh so no video recording devices for me.

Hell I’m lucky my parents got me that NES which for the life of me I don’t know if it was brand new or my cousin’s hand me down when he moved onto the 16 bit generation via the Sega Genesis.

Oh well.

So anyway Malstrom before I digress further I just want to say that through practice and dedication that as a little tyke I made Double Dragon III my bitch. Basically I was so awesome and masterly at that game at that time I was probably like how you say that you are these days with Super Mario Brothers 3 ie zen like in your mastery of the game on the original hardware.

This got me to re-evaluating my position on that during my current rom sessions with Double Dragon III via emulation after not having played the game on the original console after all this time.

The game is uh…considerably harder for me these days..I mean I can still kick ass but not as fluidly as in the past (can’t pull off all the moves anymore) and I don’t think its necessarily my skills that are the problem (since I dominate at all other beat em ups still).

I’m thinking that maybe either you are right in one of the things you’ve said ie A. Emulated games on the PC don’t control as well as on the original hardware or B. Double Dragon III among other NES games was simply badly programmed.

At this point I’m sort of leaning towards option A. as even though I’ve used some excellent third party NES recreation controllers to play Double Dragon III again, the fact still remains that these are NOT Nintendo OEM controllers and thus open to the subtlest of flaws and imperfections where control is concerned.

Well anyway to conclude this email I just want to say that Double Dragon III was fun at least as a kid at least (and the playable boss characters of Chin and Ranzou totally rocked) but if you or whoever was right that said certain games including this one were badly programmed then all I can say is its a shame as if this game could be reprogrammed so that all the moves would register easily with the correct button presses it’d easily rival Super Double Dragon on the SNES as my personal pick for the greatest beat em up game of all time and the greatest Double Dragon game of all time.


I remember Double Dragon 3 being solid in controls. Perhaps more solid than the other 2 DDs. But the game was SO HARD. You had one life! The new guys (like the guy with the belly flop) just sucked. The mythos of the game I disliked (at least the beginning parts). Double Dragon 1 was street fighting and got crazy as it went into the forest and into caves. Double Dragon 2 was really dark and very varied. Double Dragon 3 had that old woman and didn’t seem as much as a street fight. But that is just my recollection. There are many people like yourself who loved Double Dragon 3. It is easily the hardest of the three NES DD games.

I think II is the most fun (especially with co-op) and I is still fun too. III is going to take lots of dedication to make it fun. Much more dedication than the average NES game and we know the average NES game took plenty of dedication!




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