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Email: the definitive greatest 30-game nes tier list

I’m trying to limit these NES lists to one a day so they can be absorbed. If I hadn’t put yours up yet, it is still likely in the hopper.

well ok maybe not but i’m pretty pleased with itTier 1
Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros. 3
Zelda no Densetsu
Kickle Cubicle
Kirby’s Adventure
Mega Man
Over Horizon

smb1 is still contender for the finest high-speed platformer, built for speedruns. smb3 is gigantic, decadent, and near-flawless. cv1 is smaller than cv3 but the multiple characters just make 3’s design sloppy where 1 is laser-focused. kirby is too easy but makes up for it by being a huge adorable fun toybox. gimmick! is a tragically under-appreciated masterpiece; amazing music and animation, tough as nails, rewarding to master. zelda no densetsu because once you get used to the extra audio and sound effects on the FDS version it’s hard to go back. kickle cubicle is the perfect arcade-style puzzle game, with static puzzles like lolo but also enemies that serve as dynamic and hostile puzzle pieces. zanac is compile doing a victory lap around the other nes shooters. over horizon is a too easy but awesome music and impressive stage effects lets it hit far above its weight class. and yes, the first mega man, the hardest and coolest one. come at me haters, i’ll be on the other side of the gutsman platforms so i don’t expect to see many of you get here. B)

Tier 2
Bionic Commando
Mega Man 2
Mega Man 4
Moon Crystal
Esper Dream
Crisis Force

contra and bionic commando are rock-solid action titles but get too easy if you play them often. mm2 is really well made but too easy even on difficult with no metal blade, and wily stages are full of dumb puzzle nonsense. mm4 is even easier, but is long without reusing stuff and has the best weapon selection in the classic series. shatterhand and batman are both excellent games brought down by some occasional bullshit difficulty spikes, moon crystal is no masterpiece and kind of awkward but there’s not really anything else like it. hebereke is like blaster master’s fun exploration side-view parts without garbage like its gun powerup system. esper dream could be more robust but it’s a very solid action rpg, and crisis force is not my favorite shmup but it’s an amazing show of skill from konami – real vertical parallax on the famicom hardware, holy hell.

Tier 3
Double Dragon 2
Gradius 2
Duck Tales
Metal Storm
Robocco Wars
Yume Penguin Monogatari
Vice: Project Doom
Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa
Seirei Densetsu Lickle
Adventures of Tom Sawyer

six games that are too easy but still tons of fun, three games that are too unbalanced but still enjoyable, and one game that i just rented too much as a kid you can’t judge me for that NOBODY CAN

Possible Inductees
Darkwing Duck
Power Blade
Guardian Legend
Grand Master
Isolated Warrior
Life Force
Radia Senki
Terra Cresta
Bucky O’Hare

finally a bunch of games that are probably cool but that i either don’t own or haven’t spent enough time playing to be confident in an opinion of them.

you know what i changed my mind my list is the best i am the greatest wah haaah hah hah


What is with the Mega Man 4 love and no Mega Man 3 love? Is this a Japanese thing? I loved 3 but 4 made me stop buying Mega Man games.

I suspect you Famicom users to be putting up games like Gimmick! and Over Horizon not just because they might be good but because they weren’t localized in other parts of the world. For the same reason you put up Zelda no Densetsu.

Unfortunately for you, Zelda no Densetsu is a SNES game and not a NES game. Whoops! :)





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