Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 1, 2014

Hate Mail: Zelda Densetsu on the SNES

First, I lost any faith I had in your credibility as a real, hardcore NES gamer, when you revealed that you hadn’t even played an actual NES in 20 years, and you did not even own a dozen games. Even worse was your proclamation that the NES “collectors” were the ones spending exorbitant amounts on, going by the examples you listed, really common games. It’s clear that you’ve ever actually been on an NES collector forum such such as Nintendoage, much less looked at some of the more famous NES collectors such as Pat the NES Punk (who actually had that huge ass collection *before* he started his video series, unlike the Angry Videogame Nerd) to see what kind of games they even play.

But on this last post you crossed the line. If you would have just ended it with “I suspect you Famicom users to be putting up games like Gimmick! and Over Horizon not just because they might be good but because they weren’t localized in other parts of the world.”, it might have been just chalked up as  just another crazy, baseless thing you say on your blog. But then you utter what is just the most hilariously ignorant factoid: “Unfortunately for you, Zelda no Densetsu is a SNES game and not a NES game. Whoops! :)”

Oh really? Someone must edit all the Zelda wiki articles in existence, because clearly you’ve redefined the Japanese language so that “Zelda no Densetsu” doesn’t translate, *very simply* to “Legend of Zelda”.

So go on, don’t post this you smug bastard. Continue to act smart, continue to act you’re damn cool that you really did, after all, play every NES game in existence (at one point or another, presumably rented from a nearby store which magically carried all 709 of them.). Who can argue with someone who thinks “The Legend of Zelda” is a SNES game?

Whoever said I was a hardcore gamer? I mock hardcore gamers including TODAY and THEN. I mock people who have to get a NES (or other console) collection full of games they never play. In my original NES game collection, I kept selling and trading games on and on and at the end had what I had. I mostly rented because the majority of NES games weren’t worth $50 (most aren’t worth $50 today. $5? $10? $15? Sure. $50? Bah hahaha no).

Gimmick! and Over Horizon are good games, but I suspect their exclusiveness might be propping them up some. There’s a reason why they weren’t localized.

Zelda no Densetsu is the SNES BS Zelda. Rereading his email, it appears he was referring to the FDS system so why was he using no Densetsu to describe it on an English blog? Why didn’t the emailer just write Legend of Zelda? He didn’t write japanese names of the other games.

Zelda no Densetsu is most commonly associated with the BS Zelda on the SNES in the English language. Sorry, emailer. When I hear no Densetsu, I am thinking of the BS version. So are most people.

Above: Legend of Zelda on the SNES. It is BS Zelda.



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