Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 1, 2014

The Most Expensive Super Nintendo Game is….

Not Chrono Trigger! Not Mega Man X3! Not Earthbound!

Really!? C’mon guys. This game is not that good. I remember playing it when it came out. I LOVED the concept, and it was one of those ‘big concept’ games that gave me hope for the future of SNES. But the game is boring grindfest. The reason why the game didn’t sell wasn’t because of religion but because the game just wasn’t that fun to begin with. It is a cool game. It may be said to be a gem. But it is no Chrono Trigger.

My theory is that the New School Gamers who love watching bars fill up, RPG fanatics, who were very much a niche in the 16-bit days, have grown during the later eras. I think most of the demand for this game is coming from people who didn’t experience the SNES generation. That and the game’s limited supply. This game is over $200!

It’s not worth $200!

Looking over the SNES games, I’m noticing that the popular ones can get around $60 which is about the same price when they were released. Many of the good ones are $30 which is fine. There are a few collector’s items of course that go over $150. But most of the SNES games are much cheaper than the NES games which shocked me. Perhaps it is because the SNES good game collection is more concentrated into a few games while the NES collection quality is more spread out? Maybe NES games are disappearing? Maybe collectors target NES more than SNES?

I expect all prices for these carts to just keep getting more and more and more expensive. 10 years from now, EVO will likely cost $300. 20 years from now, $500.

I’ll start doing SNES lists soon. Same format. So start thinking of your most played SNES games.



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