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What would the NES look like if it only had Nintendo games?

Most Nintendo consoles are First Party dominated. The third party games tend to be kid games or mediocre ports. In the 8-bit and 16-bit generation, there was strong third party support.

The Game Industry does not like the 8-bit or 16-bit generations (or any generation defined by consoles made by game makers pre-playstation). It has come to my attention that the NES cheering and SNES cheering people do is seen by those in the Game Industry as actually cheering the third party games. In other words, the ‘magic’ of the NES era (so to say) was actually our excitement for third party games according to them. There is no doubt that the NES would not have been as cool without the amazing Konami and Capcom games, but let us see what the NES would look like with only First Party games.

Remember that Nintendo is the PUBLISHER and not necessarily the developer. This is similar to how Nintendo operates today.

Only the North American games are listed (sorry Devil’s World).

10YardFight arcadeflyer.png Anticipation Balloon Fight Barker Bill's Trick Shooting Baseball box cover Clu Clu Land Cover.jpg Cobra Triangle      Dr. Mario box art.jpg Dragon Warrior.jpg North American NES box art of Duck Hunt. Excitebike cover.jpg  North American box art  A sword and axe intersect, with a crystal ball above them both.  Golf Coverart.png Gumshoebox.jpg Gyromite Hogan's Alley Cover.jpg IceClimberboxartnes.jpg  Cover art Kid Icarus NES box art.png   Legend of zelda cover (with cartridge) gold.png Front cover of the North American Mach Rider NES package.  A video game cover. A person in a powered exoskeleton fires a projectile at a monster. Punch-Out!!  Nesopen.jpg NES Play Action Football  Nintendo World Cup Cover.jpg Pinball Pin Bot  Nesprowrestlingbox.jpg R.C. Pro-Am North American box art Scan of the front cover of the packaging for Short Order / Eggsplode! Slalom Snake Rattle n Roll gamebox.jpg Soccer Cover.jpg Stackup boxart.jpg StarTropics  Super Mario Bros. box.png An image of a jumping man with red overalls and a red hat, a blue shirt, and a beet in his right hand Super Mario Bros. 3 coverart.png    Tennis (video game).jpg NES Tetris Box Front.jpg  To the Earth Urban Champion cover.jpg Volleyball Wario's Woods NES.jpg Wild Gunman Coverart.png Wrecking Crew cover.jpg Yoshi game cover.jpg  Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Zodasrevenge box.PNG Kirby's Adventure Coverart.png

With these games alone, is this console worth buying?

Definitely. There may be no Contra or Mega Man, but this is a very strong library of games. “But not all these games are Nintendo developed!” That doesn’t matter. The Third Party Publishers failed in bringing over their games so Nintendo did it for them. That explains Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior on this list.

In this alternate universe of only Nintendo games on the Nintendo console, this console would still fly off the shelves. All the major sports games are covered. Mario and Zelda are represented very strongly. You have Metroid. You have the puzzle games like Yoshi, Yoshi’s Cookie, Dr. Mario, and Tetris. “But Malstrom! Nintendo didn’t make Tetris! OMG!” If you knew what Nintendo had to do in order to get the publishing rights to Tetris, you wouldn’t be saying that. I forgot that Nintendo was responsible for publishing Rad Racer, Kung Fu, and Faxanadu.

As an alternate question, would the NES be remembered WITHOUT these games? Would anyone remember the NES without Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Punch-Out, Tetris, and the sports games? I highly doubt it. We all know what moved NES systems and it was Mario. You had the Donkey Kongs, Mario Brothers, Super Mario Brothers, Super Mario Brothers 2, and Super Mario Brothers 3. All A++++ games compared to any other game today or in any other time period.

I would say Nintendo was largely responsible for the NES magic.



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