Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 2, 2014

Email: About EVO: Search For Eden

Hi Master Malstrom, long time I don’t send an e-mail..

I REALLY love that game, I also love the concept and I think this is one of the most underrated games in the 16bits gen (I’d put Kid Chameleon on the list too). I’m waiting the green light to the “30 favorite SNES games” to put EVO in the Tier 1. And I’m really not that type of RPG fanatic guy. (Yes, I know the gameplay isn’t perfect and the game could be even better, but the concept totally won me).

Keep up the great work! Waiting for the SNES favorites.
How about a modern day spiritual successor? Too bad Spore will likely have destroyed any commercial interest in making such a game. It is a great concept, and there is no Mario ‘mascot’ type character in it which is refreshing.
I’ve been thinking 30 favorite SNES games might be TOO easy. The NES library was pretty huge and the games are relatively short and arcade-like so you need a larger list. SNES quality game library is somewhat smaller but the games got larger with more content. I want people to have to PICK and CHOOSE. Might have to go with a 15 tops with three tiers of five. I want you guys to sweat!


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