Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 2, 2014

Email: am I just old fashioned?

Greetings again Master Malstrom.

So Mario Kart dlc is finally happening:

From a business standpoint I understand, it’ll probably make Nintendo a fair bit of change, but something about it just bothers me.

I like the feeling of owning my games and that those games are “complete”, the idea of missing out on content always irks me. Even when I was a child I never liked the way Capcom would have newer versions of the same game out later, it put me off buying Capcom games when they were brand new. I’d always instead wait until they were done putting out different versions and get whichever was the best.

I skipped out on the Sony and Microsoft systems last generation, but if I hadn’t I would have been one of those people that waited for the “game of the year” edition with all the dlc. That’s why I really liked the Wii, almost all the games were complete on disc, just as I felt console games should be.

What’s your position on dlc Master Malstrom? Am I just being a crazy old-timer? I mean PC games have always had expansion packs etc. is all this downloadable content just the way of the future? I can get my NES out of the attic tomorrow and boot up Mario Bros. 3 and there it is, as complete as it ever was. Meanwhile getting these extra courses and characters in Mario Kart will be dependent on Nintendo’s servers still existing or me having a console with that content on it. Sure there might be a “complete” edition later, but it would make me feel burnt for having bought the original version, you know?


I agree with you. Nintendo would say, “But with the E-card reader, we have always had DLC! Ho ho ho ho! Look at those new Super Mario Brothers 3 levels!”

I think DLC is just their way of getting us to pay $70 or $80 for a $60 game. With PC classics, the DLC was given away FOR FREE. Epic GAVE AWAY their DLC for Unreal Tournament (they did!). Blizzard GAVE AWAY their maps for Starcraft (they did!). Back then, these game companies were so happy doing what they loved and making money for it that they to spread even more happiness around!

I wish Nintendo wouldn’t follow the DLC path. I wish Nintendo would make retail releases of small games or even older games. Remember that Super Mario Anniversary Edition on Wii that cost $20 and was just the All-Stars rom placed on a disc? That goes for $60 now and will likely keep rising. Why not give us a RETAIL version of an updated Mario Brothers? I know Nintendo doesn’t want to make the same game again, but costs have gone up so much and they need to make a quick, fast game to have for each month. All-Stars helped SNES momentum, did it not? Why not a Zelda All-Stars game? Oooohhhh. How about a Nintendo Black Box Collector Edition that has all the Black Box NES games?




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