Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 2, 2014

Email: Flash cart on NES clones

You’ll notice right on their website under “System Compatibility List”:“Does NOT work on clone systems like the NEX, Yobo, or FC Twin.”

And fyi, it may be a good idea to at some point clarify that current emulators contain a teeny bit of input lag compared to their original hardware, and that is what makes them not feel as responsive.  Heck you could even back it up with those two links to byuu’s forum I sent you earlier if you so desire.


The way how I see it, original hardware is necessary for those certain critical arcade-like games that need that response time (more in the NES side. NES was such crappy hardware that it really used the hell out of the cartridge hardware), if they have special chips in them like Yoshi’s Island, and for multiplayer games. It is no fun playing multiplayer games on an emulator.

I’m thinking emulator for those absurdly priced games like Aero Fighters that is $400 for the SNES or turn based RPG games. RPG games, due to their low supply and increasing modern demand, tend to be highly priced. I’d emulate Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest games, and others. Action RPG I’d probably try to get the cart.

What I like about original cart collecting is that it is the OPPOSITE of the Virtual Console. The Nintendo Virtual Console has you keep buying new VC games even though you have them. With carts, you never buy another one. Instead, you just keep buying new clone hardware systems!



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