Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 2, 2014

Who is responsible for Millipede (NES) cropping?

This is Millipede:

Notice who made it? It was HAL.

This is Millipede on the arcades.

This is Millipede on the NES. Notice the difference?

Milliipede on the NES is a very excellent game. Yet, the entire game is cropped inside a box. Who is responsible for this!? I demand an explanation! Nearly 30 years later, I am still furious at the marring of what would have been a perfect game.

HAL, at the time of 1987, had only 5 employees I think. Do you know who the programmer was?

There are no credits in Millipede NES. Satoru Iwata is the most likely person to have programmed the game. I blame him! Him! Him! When Iwata became president of Nintendo, all the game magazines talked about how he was involved in making Kirby, about the Pinball story (we all know the Pinball story), but does anyone mention how HE MESSED UP MILLIPEDE? Nooooo! Of course not.

One day, Iwata is going to be in public signing autographs. Then, lo and behold, someone will be rushing at Iwata waving a copy of Millipede (NES) and screaming bizarre things about cropping. It is then that you will know me.



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