Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 6, 2014

Email: Gamergate

I’m gonna assume you know about that #gamergate thing going on, and if not you can find a good summation here

Isn’t it nice to see, what I believe is the 5th time so far, gamrs taking their well-trained thumbs and biting them at the industry. I hold not a shred of guilt or regret when I say I hope that every single professional video game journalist and industry member loses their jobs. All of them. If they were any good then they wouldn’t need to stand behind an “industry” anyway.

Also, notice how nearly every person against it is from the California bay area and that big list of “game developers”, who were proven to be nobodies by some guy here ,are all from San Fransisco. Can’t these assholes at least try to not be such embarrassing stereotypes?

What game will you play to celebrate the death of the current games industry, Malstrom? I was thinking of marathoning the old Sonics.

I think this guy nailed it. We watched how the online press celebrated the death of print journalism. But now the online press has become irrelevant. Game journalists used to have early access and told us about games that were not out yet. Today, none of that matters as we can buy ‘Early Access’. Some companies like Nintendo go over journalists’ heads and speak directly to the audience. Even E3 demos have become less relevant as such demos can now be streamed to our game consoles via the Internet or as a special in Best Buy and Gamestop stores. There has been a rise of ‘amateur game journalism’. I suppose I was doing something like that when the Wii launched. Today, we have Twitch streams and Youtube channels.

Right, I’ve long pointed out that all the game journalists are cut from the same geographical cloth of the SF Bay area. Do such people represent the gamers of Nebraska or South Dakota or Texas or other areas? We have this thing called ‘Internet’ so why does geography matter anymore?

There is a lot of ‘group think’ with these journalists too. There’s no differentiation. If you missed Kotaku, Escapist will have similar content. If you missed Escapist, Giant Bomb will have similar content. Missed that, Rock Scissors Paper will have similar content. It all reads the same. (Of course, if you miss Malstrom, there are no substitutes!)



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