Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 8, 2014

Email: The Retro fever

Hey there Master Malstrom,

I’ve bit the bullet. I’ve caved in. After years dwelling in emulators, I got myself a real SNES last saturday. Let me tell you, it’s quite the feeling. I have to concur when I hear you say that nothing beats the original hardware: it really doesn’t. I got controllers in good condition and have been blasting away on Mega Man X2 and Super Mario All-Stars, and couldn’t be happier.
Now, I got the console mostly for speedrunning, which is something I’m mostly certain you don’t enjoy all that much. I could be wrong, of course. I’m getting my Mega Man X cartridge this Wednesday, and will be practicing to get that fabled sub-40 time in a few weeks.
I know, I know… the SNES is not where’s it’s at, you’ll say. I tend to agree, the NES game variety is much larger, but it’s availability is very limited is my country (Brazil) as it was never a big hit here. I’ll get one next year, most likely, alongside an N64. No “game collecting” bullshit either: I’ll get only the games I find fun AND are affordable (so no Earthbound unfortunately).
I’ve left the game “industry” so many years ago, but having the actual hardware to make the break feels special, that’s for sure. It seems so hard to find a worthy game these days (Hotline Miami being the sole exception in the recent future, from what I recall). Here’s to retro gaming, or as many would agree, actual gaming. At least I’m not watching cutscenes and bad stories.
Nothing beats the original hardware. NOTHING.
I’d focus on getting games and maybe original controllers. The systems don’t seem to be moving much in price. The third party clones also do a decent job too. But it is the games, everything is revolving around the games and not the systems. The game prices will only keep going up. You should check out the price on Mega Man X2. I’m sure it is at least $100+. Maybe $200+ for that cartridge today.
The curious question is will these prices go down? Perhaps when the generation who played those systems at their era die out, then the prices might go down as the demand largely collapses. But that will be beyond our lifetimes so it is nothing to worry about. I’ve noticed there doesn’t seem to be any demand for Atari 2600 cartridges which is a shame. Atari 7800 is somewhat interesting as is the Sega Master System.


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