Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 8, 2014

Email: Who is paying the game journalists?

Everyone knows that it’s a bad idea to bite the hand that feeds you and I assume the game journalists to be smart enough to know that as well. Over the last weeks we have seen game journalism actively propagate the utter destruction of the perception of what “game” and “gamer” mean. I used to believe that game journalism worked like this: the game industry bribe game journalists to hype up and promote their games, the readers buy into the whole “gamer culture” thing and buy the industry games. Simple enough, and we have seen enough evidence of that.

However, no game company and no advertiser in the world would want the game journalists to outright attack the readers. It is simply not in their interest. So this raises the question: who is feeding game journalism? Where is their money coming from, who is interested in changing the definition of “game” and “gamer”? It can’t be the industry, even they are bowing down to the SJWs (Anita is a consultant on a number of games, just to name one person). Am I really supposed to believe all this to be coincidence? How stupid do they think we are?

It worked for other media, why not for gaming? But gaming doesn’t really behave like other media. There’s a reason why Apple avoids focusing on gaming despite Steve Jobs being a participant in the video game revolution of PONG and Break-Out. Gamers are a ‘different’ sort of people than those who just love movies, TV, and music. And gamers tend not to be pushed around.

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