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Email: Retro Gaming

I believe it was last year when you made a post that when people are looking back on gaming it means that current games are not worth it. And I have to say I’ve found that statement to be true. Last Christmas I got myself a Neo Geo because that’s an expensive console I wanted a few years back and whose games are of very high quality, the cartridges and their boxes are quite something to marvel at, they just ooze quality. And even though Neo Geo games are available in various compilations are even on virtual console, NOTHING beats playing a real Neo Geo, the inputs are so, I dunno INSTANT, like there’s no delay whatsoever, this is specially important on fighting games which the Neo Geo has a lot of.

It’s an expensive system for sure, and with many expensive games, the cheapest games go around 50 dlls and that’s without box or manual. But oh is it so worth it, the industry currently can hardly make me spend 60 dlls on something new, let alone used. But this, is so much worth it. Granted, expensive, but very well worth it.

I started doing the Neo Geo game gathering only after my NES and SNES gathering, all awesome games for both systems, I’ll send my lists in due time. There is just so much good stuff, today’s gaming is just so lackluster, risks are so low, costs are so high and standards keep lowering.

Anyway, retro gaming is my new console it seems, because no one is interested in making games nowadays, just their stupid interactive 3D up your ass ‘movies’ with horrible storyline that gets praised by idiotic game journalist on some editorial article praising some ‘gaming god’ or proclaiming some indie developer will become a god in the future.

Here’s to the end of an era, and hopefully it will be reborn in time anew and better than now, because at this rate it will completely disappear than be reborn again.


Ahh, the Neo Geo. Now THAT was a console. I believe it costed $600 and each game cost $100. But the joysticks are amazing.

Neo Geo = fighting games. It has other games, but it is definitely a fighter game console. King of Fighters, Samurai Showdown 2 (I remember when everyone was talking about it, and even Pulstar (R-type 4 spiritually).

Turbographx-16 is for shmup fans. It has other games, yes, but it is shmup heaven.

N64 is for four player multiplayer games like Mario Party, Mario Kart, Smash Brothers, Golden Eye, etc. Yes, it has Ocarina of Time and Mario 64, but I’ve seen the cost of the N64 carts and it is definitely going for the multiplayer ones.

SNES is for people who like arcade games, adventure games, and RPGs.

Genesis is for people who like arcade games and action games.

Atari 2600 for those who love the 1970s and early 1980s era of gaming. Don’t knock it, there are some great games there. Warlords, River Raid, Berzerk, Pitfall, and I think Yar’s Revenge is probably my favorite console game ever. Those sound effects! My God!

NES is the most intense console. NES has everything except it is all tweaked out to intense mode. Instead of Centipede like other consoles, it has Millipede and it is all fucked up crazy. Was playing it earlier today and those snails came up behind me and wrecked my shit. Zelda I and II? Intense. SMB 1,2,3? Intense. The arcade games? Intense. Black box games? Intense. Metroid? Intense. Kid Icarus? Intense. The shmups? Perhaps not the most intense but still intense. The platformers are the most intense. I think the RPGs are pretty damn hard. Final Fantasy I on the NES? That’s what I’m talking about. Those FF1 remakes are all weak sauce.

I wonder if I should do PS1/2 collecting before prices climb too high? Hmm. Some great arcade ports on that system (i.e. the R-types).

But yes, emailer, everything is ‘instantaneous’ on original hardware. You have to try it to believe it. Emulators have their place. But I believe in an ‘all the above’ strategy. Emulators I will use for games that are insanely priced. But for your meat and potatoes games (the real reason why you play the console), they’re all affordable.

As a gamer and not a collector, I look at the games very differently. When I bought Final Fantasy IV for the SNES, it cost me like $70. I still felt it was worth it. A really good NES game at $50 is no problem for me. Contra is around $40 which I still consider a steal. Why do I think that? Well, I know the value of the game after all these decades. $50 today is cheaper than $50 in the 1980s due to inflation. When the NES game goes past $50, then I get reservations. But it depends on the game. SNES games for $60? No problem. Above $60? Depends on the game.




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