Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 9, 2014

Email: What happens when youngsters see an NES for the first time and play punch-out

When I first saw this video laughed out load and cried a little bit inside.

1) They didn’t even know what it was

2) How to turn on the machine

3) They die to the first encounter with a Goomba in Mario bros.

4) Everyone agrees the console sucks
5) Everyone differs on being tech junkies vs fun junkies.
Here is a video of them playing Mike Tyson’s Punchout
1) I can’t tell if they are being sarcastic when they call the graphics “next gen”
2) Its pretty awesome to know the game can still be appreciated by people for the first time despite its age.  It reminds me when I first played this game.  I was 15 and that was in 2003.  In fact Captain N was depicted as a teenager while playing  Punch-Out.
3) Watch them get TKOs from Glass Joe.
4) “Its so simple to play yet its the cheapness that makes it difficult.”
5) Notice that they get their egos crushed, yet want to play more.
Oh, these videos are hilarious. However, I think there is some scripted reactions in there. I have my nephews play the NES, and I don’t get these reactions.
The girl saying, “I want to hit him in the balls!” Yes, that is how most women sound like when I play with them.


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