Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 11, 2014

Email: Nintendo Missed the Boat on Minecraft

This move is curious considering the Microsoft investor rumblings to ditch the XBox division.

I remember buying Minecraft for $15 off of Notch’s site, and then gushing how incredible the game is reminding me even of the sacred Mario/Zelda/Metroid NES classic feel of how a game should be. I never say that about new games. But, here we are in the present, and look at where Minecraft is. Minecraft is definitely at that Mario/Zelda/Metroid NES classic phenomenon level.

Since I was there at minecraft’s beginning, I might as well be there at its end. I think we are at Peak Minecraft. Yes, Minecraft is very popular. So was NES Mario/Zelda/Metroid. People do get tired of a game after a while.

I don’t think Mojang is worth 2 billion. Microsoft must be eyeing the merchandise and all.

I’ve gotten bored of Minecraft and moved on. Others will too. Kids will get bored as well.

Mojang is a one hit wonder company. Also, when you sell a company, it is no longer fun to work for it. Notch and his friends will just make another company. As more and more people drift away from Minecraft, the merchandise line will dry up as well.



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