Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 12, 2014

Email: Smash Bros. 4 final rosters continues to prove your point that they don’t give a shit about us

A bunch of lame characters including gender swap Marth, some lazy black color repaint of Pit and  the lame lame LAME Bowser Jr. (his alts are the Koopa Kids though at least)  but a lost character from Melee returns………………..Dr. Mario and not Mewtwo you know the one everyone has been screaming for but that would go against Nintendo way’s of not listening to the customer over their “creativity”
Sakurai  even mocked people wanting Mewtwo in one of the trailers by making it seem like some new ninja frog from X/Y was him.
That is the ultimate example of bashing the custormer in with your creativity.
The dog from Duck Hunt making it in is cool at least.


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