Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 12, 2014

Replaying original Legend of Zelda on original NES hardware

The game actually takes a while to complete. It only gets challenging starting with dungeon 6 with the wizards. Naturally, I haven’t died yet. I only have a couple dungeons left. Only with Quest 2 does the game become somewhat challenging. (If Zelda 1 didn’t have two quests, Zelda 2 would easily be the superior game.)

So how the fuck do I save? I don’t want to kill myself. So how do I save, Mr. Miyamoto? He does not answer. I had to go to the Internet and look it up.

To save: go to start subscreen and click up+start or some button on controller 2 to bring up the save menu. Really!? Now that is just so obvious! I think “how do I save?” and immediately come to the conclusion that I need to plug in controller 2 and press a combination of buttons. Yes, that is such a natural answer.

There is so much mystery in the 8-bit generation that even in order to save your game, you must do secret combos on the other controller.



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