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Email: I’m looking forward to “game culture” dying

I’ve been following the GamerGate scandal for a while now (It’s been going on for a month), and the more I learn what’s going on, the more I want to see gaming culture collapse like a house of cards.  This is a battle that neither side will win at the end because both sides are making fools of themselves and I’m basically just sitting back and watching everything go to hell in a handbasket.There was even a video I saw last night about how gaming used to be back in the good old days, when we didn’t need to worry about over hyping games that ultimately don’t live up to their expectations (Watch Dogs and Destiny anyone?), people getting murdered or threatened over gaming systems or Call of Duty multiplayer matches (And it always involves Sony or Microsoft for some reason, never Nintendo, though I could be wrong), etc.

The Anti-Gamergate side is digging their own graves.  These social justice warriors are now starting to dox people in support of Gamergate, and backers of the Mighty No. 9 game are getting banned because they support Gamergate (The Community Manager is a SJW) and straw feminists are being just as immature as the gamers themselves.
And I know why, too.  Both sides at the end of the day are not so different.  Because both sides are fighting in the name of their politics, not in the name of solving the problem.  Both sides are not rational because they refuse to be rational.

I’ve found this quote in particular to be full of truth:

“I see the whole thing as hardcore gamer culture cannibalising itself.

Since the “cinematic” era of gaming began in the late 90s, hardcore gamers have been on a constant mission to “prove” something, anything, through games. Proving that games can be for adults, proving that games can be art, proving that games can be bastions of modern morality. Every time a big budget, cinematic, narrative-driven game was released by the AAA industry, hardcore gamers praised it to the heavens because it “proved” that gaming was sophisticated now. And if you showed preference for the old arcade-style games of the past, the hardcore would taunt you for your backwards thinking. In short, hardcore gamers since 1998 have been entitled little shits.

Hardcore gamer culture created people like Anita Sarkeesian, the gamers who think about games only in terms of narrative and social representations (even when it’s fucking Super Mario Bros.). These people feel entitled to lecture everyone about strong characters and ethical representations at every possible opportunity. Hardcore gamer culture also created a big budget industry devoted to blood, titillation and a veneer of “sophistication”. Is it really any wonder then that we also have a culture of entitled sexist male gamers, given that the biggest developers have spent the last fifteen years and billions of collective dollars stroking their massive throbbing egos?

This shitstorm is the hardcore gamers finally turning their entitled snobbery on each other. How about I get some popcorn and we just sit back and laugh at this whole stupid mess?”


I have a very succinct definition of the gamer versus hardcore gamer. The gamer plays games. The hardcore gamer is played by games. This is revealed in some of the following examples:

-Hardcore gamer tunnel focusing on just getting a higher score than ‘friends’.

-Hardcore gamer focusing on getting all the achievements.

-Hardcore gamer spending more time talking about games then playing them.

-Hardcore gamer taking gaming message forums as serious business.

-Hardcore gamer getting themselves hyped up through the game’s marketing.

-Hardcore gamer taking the lore of the games very seriously.

-Hardcore gamer buying all the ‘big industry games’ because the person is afraid of ‘missing out’.

Since the Game Industry wants to just be Hardcore Only, this means the customers are not playing games but getting played by games. In other words, getting manipulated by games. This manipulation is attracting ideologues of every stripe especially the Social Justice Warriors who see hardcore gaming as a way to ‘re-program’ men.

Normal gaming is immune to such corruption. Normal gaming > Hardcore gaming.








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