Posted by: seanmalstrom | October 2, 2014

Where has Malstrom been?

Where has Malstrom been? Oh noes!

He has been driving across Houston everyday. Houston is very large. The traffic is worst in the nation with the exception of LA. There are certain areas that are booming, and I want to ride the boom. I am also in the process of moving.

I did have a strange experience at a Gamestop with a woman hitting on me (I was shocked to even see a woman INSIDE Gamestop!). I went in to get gifts for the nephews. The girl was a female employee. She was a little too happy to see me. I asked her, “You must see lots of strange guys come in this place…” which she laughed and said yes. I got the impression that she intentionally chose to work Gamestop in order to meet men (women do this all the time in their choice of employment). She hasn’t been happy with what comes into those doors. Real men don’t hang out at Gamestop. They just don’t.



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