Posted by: seanmalstrom | October 3, 2014

Email: Glorious hardware software intergation!

People have been wondering why the new Smash Bros. can’t use the 3DS’ bulky right circle pad addon for quick smash and aerial attacks well worry no more because Sakurai  has spilled the beans:
“Supporting the CCP requires the use of some of the CPU’s processing load. From the information received during the development of Kid Icarus: Uprising, this is a quite large load at around 5%. Kid Icarus: Uprising and Smash both use the maximum capability of the device, so we had to abandon the idea of CCP support.With the New 3DS, we were able to support the C-Stick as the processing power is increased and it is not a peripheral device.”

The 3DS is just one huge ongoing mistake.


The successor to the 3DS is really going to show us where Nintendo goes next. If Nintendo intends to share home console and handheld console assets and programs, then the next handheld needs to make a huge jump in power capability.




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