Posted by: seanmalstrom | October 4, 2014

Email: Why they missed the Wii’s revolution

Because it was gloriously gamey, the SJW loathes all things gamey they want enlightening social messages delivered with as few player inputs as possible, their ideal game is Gone Home a game so devoid of gameplay that Myst laughs at it.
Of course they will ignore the Wii and the other older massive mainstream consoles because it torpedoes their narrative, it’s probably why they like to call this Gen4 of gaming acting like gaming started with the PS1/N64.
They aren’t happy with having some tiny niche where they all play ” enlightening” games they want the entire industry to convert or be made examples of.Anyone on the fence over this needs to realize that SJWs are the reboot of Jack Thompson and are absolutely convinced that everything they deem wrong with modern society can be blamed on video games thus the existing market and the consumer of it must be destroyed.–6EmIIAAammK.png

Ten years ago the above from Anita’s mouthpiece would have come from Thompson or some politician hoping to get the family vote. The only smart thing they’ve done is not start with the same sort of assault against violent games but I’m sure it’s in their long-term plans.


I just want fun games to play. It’s all I’ve ever wanted! Instead, we get all this junk…




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