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Email: Hyrule Warriors saved my relationship with my boyfriend!

Hello master Maelstrom

I want to talk about my personal experience with Hyrule Warriors. My relationship with my boyfriend isn’t really in danger hehe. We do a lot of things together like sport and watching movies but we aren’t compatible in video games. It’s not a big deal really, we aren’t ‘’hardcore gamers’’ so we don’t play that often and we respect each other’s game moments.  But last friday he bought Hyrule Warriors and something happened! My Boyfriend is a true Dynasty Warrior fan (yeah it exists). He likes to murder tons of foes and not thinking too hard. I, on the other hand, am not really into gameplay but more into the content. Basically I’m really flexible with gameplay when I like the universe or the story. My Boyfriend only played A Link to the Past because he’s not really into puzzles (I tried to make him play a 3D Zelda game and he had no patience for the block puzzles so he was watching me playing most of the time).  When we started Hyrule Warriors we had both our interest for this game; him with the Dynasty Warrior genre and me with the ‘’not-looking-retarded-Zelda’’ atmosphere. 

We started the game and since I was the DW noob I made the tutorial to understand how the game works. I sucked really hard since it’s so far away from the type of games I usually play but my boyfriend really enjoyed teaching me how to play correctly (and making fun of me because I can’t read the map correctly). He was always saying: ‘’Stop reading the map like you read the GPS! (Yeah I’m bad at this) ‘’ and we were laughing. The first level made a big impression on me because I always wanted to see some life and an actual society in Hyrule (you know, other characters being aware there’s a WAR for once). So I was really invested into this and I was probably in full annoying fan girl mode since I was pointing out all the fan service of this game. But then the roles reversed when we started to deal with ‘’mini-puzzles’’. For example, in the first level you have to beat a dodongo and my boyfriend isn’t familiar with the concept of Bosses in DW neither Zelda stuff in general so all he was doing is hitting the dodongo and he didn’t understand why it wasn’t hurting him. So now my Zelda knowledge became useful to the team and I explained he had to make him eat a Bomb.  You’d be surprised of how often that situation actually happened so far. There’s a level with the eye statue shooting lasers and I had to teach again how to get rid of it. Then the Gohma boss appeared and I was mocking my boyfriend because he didn’t understand he had to shoot the super obvious flashy eye (I understand why it’s not common knowledge for everyone but in this case it was more about getting my revenge!). So we both played that game in 2 players’ mode for hours, him as Link and me as Sheik and we really had a good time; we were two 30 years old folks acting like 10 years old and it was really fun to share a common video game moment!

The review you posted earlier gave the point of view of a single player DW outsider. Mine is more about the enjoyment you can have when you share the game with someone.  I can’t wait to replay that game with my boyfriend again and if anyone here has a sweetheart or even a friend/family member interested into the Zelda universe, I’d say it’s a good game to try. Heck it’s better than Aonuma Zelda games in my opinion! 

What a refreshing email! Zelda is ripe for co-op multiplayer especially the earlier Zelda games. But Aonuma Zelda design doesn’t allow co-op multiplayer. Talking to weird NPCs and doing ‘puzzles’ just doesn’t work.

It’s good that Hyrule Warriors includes co-op multiplayer. I wonder if the other Dynasty Warrior games do.



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