Posted by: seanmalstrom | October 6, 2014

Okada retires from Nintendo

Of course, we’ve never heard of him but we do know Shigeru Miyamoto’s hobbies.

The link.

– Satoru Okada has retired
– he’s the director of Metroid, Kid Icarus and Super Mario Land
– he also created the Game Boy alongside Gunpei Yokoi
– Okada was the General Manager of Nintendo’s Research & Engineering department
– this department was responsible for developing handhelds
– Okada was the chief developer of the Game Boy Color, Advance, Advance SP and Nintendo DS

Do you know a reason why I respect the older game developers compared to the newer ones? Aside from the fact that older devs had to invent the classics that got the newer devs interested, that the older devs weren’t raised on video games, the older devs knew electrical engineering. You had to back then. Today, everyone is all software.

What is interesting about the computer age is how so many people look down on electrical knowledge. How else is the computer going to run without electricity?






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