Posted by: seanmalstrom | October 11, 2014

The future splits of Malstrom thinking

If you were to ask what Malstrom is about, you would saying many things. In the future, you will not find all these things wrapped in one person. The thinking will split into their own specializations.

For example, there will be a group or groups of people upset over the de-sexing of games. In other words, Link being drawn in such a way that he depicts both man and woman. A masculine Link will not exist.

Another group will be against modern gameplay trends and praising older gameplay.

Yet another group will focus on the business and sales of games throughout the generations.

In the old days, it felt like this site was on its own being a different voice (because all the other voices were the same). Now that games media is drifting away from the ‘games media sites’ to more individualized streamers and gamers who are attracting an audience because they share gamers’ outlook on gaming, we’re seeing all these issues bubble up.

When this site fades away (which it will), there will be tons of sites/media devoted to specializing in these issues. The old oak tree dies leaving many smaller oak saplings growing in its midst.



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