Posted by: seanmalstrom | October 20, 2014

Email: Anouma now wants motorcycles in Main Legend of Zelda series!!

According to his latest post on miiverse he loves what they are doing with the Zelda- Mario Kart 8 DLC coming next month so he wants it to be in his games!


Mario Kart becoming ‘Nintendo Kart’ is not interesting to me. It repels me more from the Kart series. However, this is inevitable because Nintendo has run out of content from the enormous Mario universe. It was the content creating games of SMB 1, 3, World, and to a lesser extent Mario 64, Sunshine, and the Galaxies that created a rich soil for the universe of Mario Kart and Mario sports games and such to thrive. Since Mario games are now NSMB bland affairs, there is nothing new. Soon, we will be seeing Zelda tracks, Metroid, tracks, Kirby tracks, and all other sorts of shit in Mario Kart. Mario Kart is no longer about go-karts, so why should it be about Mario? It is long term brand destruction for short term gains. (For those thinking Metroid tracks would be cool, remember that Metroid is a more ominous and serious atmosphere and no place for turtle shells and banana peel hijinks. Smash couldn’t pull off Metroid environments, why would Kart?)

There is something much worse that bothers me. Why the hell is this presentation being given by Aonuma? Nintendo games were best when no one knew who the hell Shigeru Miyamoto was. I first heard of Miyamoto in the Nintendo Power issue that talked about the making of Super Mario Brothers 3. I thought it was interesting but not relevant. I thought the process of creation, all the hand made maps and all, were much more interesting. Yamauchi was always the true legend at Nintendo. Not Miyamoto and other lesser types.

I am, and always have been, anti-Game God. We don’t need Game Gods. In Nintendo’s golden days, such game announcements would be given by ‘Nintendo’. Not by a ‘developer’. Aonuma, or anyone else, doesn’t matter. Why do they get any spotlight time at all? The attention should be on the game. No one gives a damn who Miyamoto and the rest of these dorks are. We only care about the games. The Internet is not reality. The gaming message forums might care, but the gaming message forums are not the real world.

When you hear an announcement from Retro, you just hear it from Retro or from Nintendo. There is no Game God presence like the Wizard of Oz granting us some ‘gaming gift’. This doesn’t take away from individual achievements. The greater the Game God, the shittier the game.

Do you know when Ultima went to the shitter? When Richard Garriott became a ‘Game God’. Do you know when id went to the shitter? When John Carmack became a ‘Game God’. Do you know when Wing Commander went to the shitter? When Chris Roberts became a ‘Game God’. Do you know when Nintendo went to the shitter? When Miyamoto became a ‘Game God’.

Gaming doesn’t need gods to worship in a top down model. Gaming needs great games that arise from consumer passion in a down to top model.






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