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Zelda II still brings satisfaction

Finally got the Internet hooked up. Strange that being a week without Internet made me queasy. Ten years ago, people considered Internet necessary but not that necessary. It was mostly for work, right? LOL. Twenty years ago, I was just a big dork because Internet was only for big dorks. Today, AT&T profusely apologizes and “Internet is so very important!” and send a technician to me ASAP. Modern living cannot be done without the Internet now.

Being stuck with NES games taught me one thing: the greatness of NES library is how unpolished and wild the games are. The downside of the NES library is how unpolished and wild the games are as well.

I stuck in Zelda 2 and felt instantly at home. The game is SO DAMN SATISFYING. The control is sublime. The intensity of the action is fantastic. And the RPG system makes sense. I never grinded and just went on the adventure. You really don’t have to grind in the game. Only at the very end, when I had two levels left and one dungeon left, I grinded out a level by killing Lizztard spear dudes in the south eastern forest of the eastern continent. Some funny moments is that I forgot about the Master Key and thought Nintendo was being diabolical on the sixth dungeon with all the locked doors. I was turning into a fairy and going through them all! hahahahaha.

Death Mountain is the first real spike in difficulty. However, this is due to not completing Palace 2 as you are supposed to do. I found this out the hard way.

Finding the magic containers and heart containers was not cryptic.

The difficulty escalates very well. Nearly thirty years later, I’m still scared shitless on my trek to the Final Palace with its evil, evil boas and pits and nasty shit. Final Palace is still THE SHIT. Oh man. Just listen, reader. LISTEN!

In the Final Palace, I actually wondered if I ran into the Chozu from Metroid with all the bird statues and bird warriors. Those bird ironknuckles are still the scariest motherfuckers out there. They just jump all over the screen firing lasers from their sword! Thunderbird is not that hard. Neither is Shadow Link.

Zelda 2 really isn’t that hard. Anyone who says that doesn’t play other NES games, but only other Zelda games. Other NES games kick my ass. 1943 was kicking my ass. Battle of Olympus left me dazed and confused. Blaster Master was kicking my ass (but I’ll kick its ass soon enough). The Nintendo NES games have aged remarkably well, much better than the other companies. Capcom and Konami NES games have aged well, of course, but they have a different vibe that is hard to explain.

Damn, it feels good to complete Zelda II. The intensity and sheer fun of the game is just great. I don’t get that from any other Zelda. Zelda 2 might, MIGHT, begin to overstay its welcome with the ‘walk back from palace’ which isn’t so annoying as it is the forced levels on the South Eastern Continent. The road to the Final Palace is a road of sheer hell. Good thing you can continue at the Final Palace.

Zelda 2 is just remarkably well done. There doesn’t need to be MORE or LESS levels. I am completely satisfied with the number of dungeons (7) let alone the number of caves and areas. The combat is fine. The game never feels cheap except for the pits when you get knocked into it.

Perhaps the reason why Hyrule Warriors overperformed in the West is that people desire a more combative Zelda. I do love how Zelda 2 says it is Link’s most ‘adventuresome’ quest yet. Nintendo games do not take you on adventures anymore. Nintendo games feel more like Game Developer Lab Experiments. When we think of Mario, Zelda, and Metroid, we think of ADVENTURE. After all, they were the Adventure Series were they not?

I’ll start updating regularly now that I have internet. I need to absorb all the Blizzcon stuff coming out.



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