Posted by: seanmalstrom | November 12, 2014

Email: NES video by Gail Tilden

Gail Tilden (I think the editor in chief for Nintendo Power) gave a little presentation with the author of some recent Nintendo book (console wars, I think it’s called).  She goes over a lot of stuff that has already been stated before, but I thought it was funny that she mentioned Game Boy hampering the Sega Genesis when they both debuted in 1989 (I never really thought about it like that).  Also, around the 23:40 mark, she calls the Game Boy the “Tetris Machine.”  I bet modern Nintendo would despise that phrase.


This is a must watch video just to witness early video game history. Of course, it matches everything that you have read here, reader. The marketing, the Nintendo Power, the hostility of US Congress, the anti-Japanese sentiment…. all these are mentioned. Many people today cannot imagine Congress going after video games such as Nintendo. But they did!




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