Posted by: seanmalstrom | November 29, 2014

No hate? No love

Where is the Amiibo hate? You don’t see threads dedicated to hating Amiibos. You don’t see anyone talking about how “dumb those Amiibos are” except, maybe, on this page.

In entertainment, the worst thing you can do is be boring. Good entertainment hits the emotions, both good and bad emotions. Bad entertainment doesn’t hit any emotions. Video games that receive a ton of love also receive a ton of hate. Video games no one cares about has no one bothering about it. If a video game isn’t receiving hate, it isn’t receiving love either.

Was the Wii hated? Yes, but it was also loved. Was Wii Fit hated? Yes, but it was also loved.

I cannot find any Amiibo hate on the Internet. No one cares to crap on them. This raises my suspicions of any ‘love’ for them. After the ‘novelty’ phase of them goes down, I think people’s attitudes towards them will change.

BTW, I’ve been seeing intense hatred against Heroes of the Storm. Likewise, alpha testers I know absolutely love it. Prediction: the game will be popular. As popular as LoL or Dota? Maybe or maybe not. But it will make some sort of sizable market impact.

Blizzard’s market history is interesting. Quick, reader, tell me what is the RTS king right now. It is Starcraft 2. There isn’t really any other RTS to compete with it. Quick, reader, tell me what is the action-RPG-Loot game right now? It’s probably Diablo 3. There are competitors to it at the moment, but I don’t see them lasting. Quick, reader, tell me the most money grossing MMORPG at the moment? It is World of Warcraft. Its competitors have had no impact aside from being a vacation for WoW players in between WoW expansions.

Based on all this, it is highly probable that Heroes of the Storm will make a sizable impact on the MOBA market. Blizzard is certainly a very interesting competitor.

While this may be ancient history for some, Blizzard is a SNES game developer. Blizzard has to compete with Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario World. Not too many PC game companies can lay claim to that.



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