Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 6, 2014

Email: Was there hate for SMB?

was there hate for Super Mario Brothers? I know there was, and there is, love. I know it might have some hate today from the hardcore. Was there hate in 1985?

Any more questions?

Super Mario Brothers was Nintendo and Nintendo was Super Mario Brothers. The vicious attacks on Nintendo were attacks on Super Mario Brothers. The NES did not sell because of Urban Champion or Pinball but because of Super Mario Brothers. Atari was dragging Nintendo through the courts. The US Congress used Nintendo as a political football. Nintendo had to delay expansion in Europe because of all the lawsuits.

Here is a letter from my attorney general:


Click on the letter, reader. I dare you. The attorney general gave me the letter to tell me that “We got Nintendo! Yeah!” They didn’t, really, but Nintendo maneuvered it into US attorney generals giving everyone a $5 coupon for a NES game.

Older gamers on the PC didn’t care too much for Super Mario Brothers and neither did parents. Kids who grew up with Mario will swear that no one ever hated Mario. A similar parallel would be Minecraft. Kids can’t imagine anyone hating Minecraft, but Minecraft did get hate. It was an ‘indie game’, a ‘blocky game’, and so on and so forth. Tetris, believe it or not, also got hate. It is hard to imagine, just as in time it will be hard to imagine how anyone could hate on the innocent game of Wii Sports or Wii Fit.



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