Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 13, 2014

Bought a Super Nintendo and blew it up

This is a sad and tragic day. I have blown up a Super Nintendo. Well, only the AC adapter.

I’ve been slowly buying some of the classic systems and games because… well… Nintendo isn’t making stuff for me anymore. And Nintendo’s VC service is a complete and utter scam. I’d rather pay 10x the price for a game on the VC since I will actually OWN a physical copy of it. Tired of buying the same game over and over.

I bought a Super Nintendo. Made sure it came with an ORIGINAL controller, not one of those third party crap controllers. Third party video cord and third party AC adapter were given. I thought that was fine since cables are just cables and so long as the console gets power, what does it matter?\

I have discovered that it does matter.

Testing out my new (old) SNES, I tried out some rigorous games on it. I started with Starfox which played fabulously. Other games worked fine. Final Fantasy III would not work which scared me since the game would be expensive to replace. But on repeated tries, it did load up.

Then I tried the Super Nintendo.

Super Nintendo loads fine. The gameboy games do not. They would freeze at the Nintendo logo (which would get scrambled). I know the Gameboy games are clean because they haven’t been moved from their little casing in DECADES aside from a short stint of playing in an original Gameboy. Then I heard a POP sound. Super Nintendo wouldn’t turn on anymore. I think the AC adapter blew up. Not sure if the Super Nintendo was drawing more power than normal Super Nintendo limits, but it does matter enough to say that integrated hardware and software also includes the power adapter. Get a First Party one.

I’ll insist on a First Party one when I go return it.



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